Cold Room

Cold Room
We are Asia's leading manufacturer of quality cold rooms. Our cold rooms have been improved upon based on field tests, comments and recommendations from our dealers and customers. Our products serve leading hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, clubs restaurauts and retail food service establishments throughout Asia and Australia and we are expanding our coverage to the Middle East
Cold Room, Cold Room Panel
Modular Panels
KOLDTECH panels are produced with the foamed-in-place process, where twochemicals are injected under pressure between two metal skins to form Polyurethane insulation panels. Chemical reaction produces high heat and high pressure during curing. Pressure of over 500 tons is applied to the panel resulting in high structural strength, high density and thus high insulation value of the Polyurethane panel. KOLDTECH panels come in standard size but can be custom designed to fit your available space and your requirements.

Panels are manufactured insections and assembled at worksite like putting together pieces of puzzle.Panel widthis 400 to 1200mm, with length of 400 to 7000 mm. Ceiling, wall and floor are latched together using eccentric locks. Tongue and groove with Polyethylene gasket joint ensures that the installation is completely airtight. Butt joints panels are available on request.
Metal Finish and Thickness

KOLDTECH panels are available with many types of metal finish to suit your job requirement, ranging from stainless steel, Colorbond steel, Galvanized steel, Zincalume steel and Stucco aluminum. Metal finish is grooved every 5 inches to increase the structural strength and improve the look. Each panel is coated with scratch proof PVC film which protects panels finish during transportation and installation. The film can be peeled off after installation.

Polyurethane panel thickness is available from 60mm. to150mm. Table below shows KOLDTECH panel thickness with corresponding specification. KOLDTECH polyurethane panels are injected with blowing agent with low ODP (comply with Montreal Convention) and exceed UL 94 fire retardant standard. We regularly monitor and test our product, by independent laboratory, to ascertain that it meets our high standard.

Cold Room Specification
Cold Room Specification
Cold Room Specification
Cold Room Specification
Cold Room Specification
Standard Coldroom Floor

KOLDTECH offers different configurations for coldroom floor. We can design or give recommendation for your specific application. Slip guard patterned aluminum checker plate is recommended for most cold room application where only foot traffic presents. Aluminum checkered plate floor is composed of polyurethane floor panel with GI steel sheet finish topped with 1.5 mm aluminum checker plate.

In application where trolleys are used, a 6 mm. FLEXY BOARD is installed below the metal skin for reinforcement. Maximum weight permit is 500 Kgs on four rubberized wheels. While the maximum stationary load for KOLDTECH coldroom floor is 3,000 kgs./sq. m. (614 lbs./sq. ft.).

Eccentric Lock
Eccentric lock is custom designed and manufactured to our specification. It is made from high impact ABS plastic withrust resistance GI steel. During the foamed-in-place process, the locks are embedded every 800mm. for theflat wall panels and every 400 mm. for corner joints panels. During the installation, ahexagon Allen key is used to latch the male and female eccentric locks together. The locking action is in two steps, firstly to latch the locks and secondly pulling the panels together to form a tight seal, preventing cold air to escape from the coldroom. After the latching process a flush PVC cap is used to close the hexagon key access hole.
Standard Cold Room Door
KOLDTECH hinged door is integrated into our standard wall panel. Our standard door size is 900 x 1900 mm. and 1000 x 2000 mm. The door comes complete with a door latch, a keyed cylinder lock, a safety door release from inside, self closing mechanism, hydraulic door closer. The spring action integrated into the door hinge closes the door by itself if it is left open less than 90 degree. The hydraulic door closure latches the door tightly to prevent any cold air leakage.

Water proof light switch with vapor proof interior light is included. Door finish and Polyurethane insulation thickness are the same material and thickness used for the wall panel. Heater wireis installed in the door frame to prevent condensation. For Freezer room,easily replaceable heater wire is also embedded into the door leaf.Other options available are viewing windows, kickplate, door ramp.

Slidingdoor is also available. KOLDTECH doors use heavy duty hardware which has been field tested and improved upon. Different models are available
depending on applications. For larger doors, heavy duty door frame is available to support the weightof the slidingdoor. Automatic and electric doors can be ordered as option for heavy traffic cold rooms.

Cold Room Hinged Door
Hinged Door
Cold Room Sliding Door
Sliding Door
Ceiling Support
Ceiling support is necessary for ceiling panels over the length of 3 m., to prevent any sagging due to the weight of the ceiling panels. Ceiling panels can be suspended from existing building structure by means of wire or wire sling. In case the suspension from existing building structure is not suitable, a self support system can be employed. KOLDTECH offers several types of ceiling support as follows:

Metal plate : A small GI steel plate is sandwiched between the ceiling panel eccentric locks and attached to the supporting wires. The supporting wire is, in turn, attached to the building structure and transfer part of the ceiling panel weight to the building structure.

Self support system :  If the existing building structure can not be used to support the weight, a self support system has to be employed. Using this method, the weight is transferred to the wall panel through the supporting beams which run along the whole length of the coldroom.
Coldroom Ceiling Support
Refrigeration System
Somerville Refrigeration System

KOLDTECH coldroom system has been throughly field tested. It has been improved upon based feedback from technicians and customer. Our stringent QC department, using sophisticated testing equipments assure that the system will work well according to specification. With reasonable care, the system will give you years of trouble free service.

KOLDTECH system offers wide range of coldroom system for your different operating requirements. We offer both Hermetic and Semi hermetic systems, operating on non-CFC or R-22 refrigerant. The unit is available with both air cooled and water cooled. Marine upgrade is available to minimize effect from salt for seaside installation. The system requires three phase 50 Hertz power supply, with 60 Hertz voltage as option available. KOLDTECH refrigeration system is also equipped with phase detector to protect it from fluctuation voltage supply. There are many other built-in safety functions to assure that our system is well protected from unstable power supply. Delay circuit is built-in to delay the compressor start up after a shut down.

Somerville Refrigeration System

Condensing units can be installed remotely. Standard length is not more than 20 m. from the evaporator unit. For distance longer than 20 m. we
may need to increase the pipe size or increase the compressor capacity. Multiple compressors can be connected together in a rack system, providing more efficiency and system back up.

We design and manufacture our own evaporator coil. The aluminum fins are coated for easy cleaning. After fully tested for leakage, high pressure nitrogen gas is sealed in the coils during storage. Any undetected leakage will be evident when the coil is unsealed during the system assembly.

Cold Room Controller Box
Controller Box is installed in front of the coldroom. Many options are available, for example, remote monitoring and controlling system, where all systems can be monitored, controlled and diagnosed remotely from the control room or from another part of the world through internet connection.
Coldroom Cold Storage Rooms
PVC strip curtain minimizes heat gain and excess humidity from entering the cold room when the door is left opened while loading and unloading, PVC or strip curtain is installed on the door opening. The strips are see through 200 mm. wide, 2 mm. thick PVC installed on stainless steel frame with 10 mm. overlapping. The curtain can be customized to different door sizes and heights.
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