Capture Jet ™ Ventilation Hood 

  • Brand: Halton
  • Model: KVF
  • Dimensions: custom made
  • Capacity: up to 40% less exhaust air volume than traditional hoods.

Halton offers ventilation systems that provide comfortable, energy efficient and safe commercial kitchen environments for chefs, facility owners and, customers.

Halton’s signature product is their “KVF” Kitchen Ventilation Hood. Equipped with Capture Jet ™ technology, it removes contaminated air and excess heat emitted by cooking equipment, while delivering compensation air to the kitchen at low velocity. Overall, the system requires 30% to 40% less exhaust air volume than traditional hoods do to remove an equal heat load.

KSA Cyclonic Filters are also a key element of Halton Ventilation hoods. You will find these behind the grill. They serve to minimize great deposits in the duct and enhance hygiene and safety. The filters are 95% efficient for the removal of 10 um particles. These filters are depicted by yellow honeycomb profiles in the video.

offers a vast variety of ventilation hoods that gear towards different kitchen needs. Each ventilation hood is custom made depending on the customer’s specifications


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