Convection Baking Oven


SKU : Econo

Brand : Miwe


Ideal for all half-baked products as well as for Danish-style pastries, crescent rolls etc., this oven offers value for money that keeps your accountant happy.   And the production planner will be happy to hear that the MIWE econo is available in several variants for every capacity requirement - 4,6,8 and 10 trays.
Its compact design means that it fits into nearly any setting. If one MIWE econo alone is not enough, then you can simply stack two units. 
Steam Hood/Steam condenser, Intermediate Compartment, Proofing Cabinet, Base Frame or rollers can be added as optional accessories.

Equipment Type





4 Tray Baking OvenEC 4.0604900 x 850 x 7104 x (600 x 400) trays220/50/1 (6.5kw)
6 Tray Baking OvenEC 6.0604900 x 850 x 8706 x (600 x 400) trays220/50/1 (9.5kw)
8 Tray Baking OvenEC 8.0604900 x 850 x 1038 x (600 x 400) trays400/50/3 (13.8kw)
10 Tray Baking OvenEC 10.0604900 x 850 x 119010 x (600 x 400) trays400/50/3 (15.8kw)
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