Wenz 1919 Deck Oven


SKU : Wenz 1919

Brand : Miwe


State-of-the-art baking oven technology in a nostalgic look.

Our niche product for your success.  The Wenz 1919 puts originality and authenticity to the best use. Highly-valued by bakers, the MIWE condo deck baking oven, with the original front of an old German wood baking oven, combines eye-catching attractiveness with efficient high-tech baking stations. You profit from the flexibility and capacity of a perfected, electrically heated, all-round baking oven with an easy-to-operate fixed program control system and simultaneously seduce your customers with the visual promise of a rustic and original consumption.

Steam condenser, steam hood with steam condenser connection and, steam hood with ventilator can be added as optional accessories.


Equipment Type





Wenz 1 Deck Baking OvenWenz 1919 (1)1090 x 1250 x 6501 x (600 x 800) trays400/50/3
Wenz 2 Deck Baking OvenWenz 1919 (2)1090 x 1250 x 13002 x (600 x 800) trays400/50/3
Wenz 3 Deck Baking OvenWenz 1919 (3)1090 x 1250 x 19503 x (600 x 800) trays400/50/3


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