Single Hob Wok Range


SKU : JCW Series

Brand : Jcook

Categories : Brand Jcook Induction Ranges Wok


Jcook's Single Hob Wok Induction Unit outperforms any brand in the market. Here are some of the key differenting features :

  1. High temperature cooking available like frying, roasting, stire-frying etc.
  2. Fast pan detection (within 0.5 sec)
  3. Precise temperature control (oil ± 3°C, water ± 1°C)
  4. Fast set response (within 0.5 sec)
  5. 60 user programmable Auto Run (function by cellphone)

Steam hood ,steam condenser,condensate collector,proofing cabinet,intermediate compartment, underframe, base and rollers can be added as optional accessories

Equipment Type





3.5 KW Single Hob Wok RangeJCW35374 x 450 x 178 mm3.5 KW220/50/1
5.0 KW Single Hob Table Top Induction UnitJCW503374 x 450 x 178 mm5.0 KW400/50/3

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