Blast Freezer & Chiller


SKU : BCF Series

Brand : Koldtech



The BCF series allows for large scale and quick  freezing of food products. Each unit is assembled with large blowers, forcing chilled air over the food for rapid freezing.  When food is freezed quickly, smaller ice crystals form on the food. This freezing process  provides higher quality of food as the freezing process minimizes cell structure, weight loss and flavour change in the food.                             

Blast chillers are popular amougst airline catering and quick service restaurants where food is partially cooked, blast freezed and reheated before serving.

Equipment Type





9 GN1/1 Tray Blast ChillerBCF-30820 x 1077 x 185030 kg380-400V/50/3
16 GN1/1 Tray Blast ChillerBCF-50RE*820 x 975 x 220050 kg380-400V/50/3
28 GN1/1 Tray Blast ChillerRBCF-100RE*1350 x 1075 x 2200100 kg380-400V/50/3
56 GN1/1 Tray Blast ChillerRBCF-300-PT-RE*1500 x 1315 x 2200300 kg380-400V/50/3

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