Tumble Chiller


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Tumble Chiller
The Tumble Chiller has been designed to chill the hot casings by immersing them in chilled water then rotating the drum and tumbling the bags to ensure complete cooling.
As the drum gently rotates the tumbling action of the machine allows the bags to rub together creating a massaging effect that moves the product continually in the bags, from the centre to the exterior in contact with the chilled water, which greatly reduces the cooling times.
The Tumble Chiller reduces the temperature of the hot liquid type product from +85°C to +4°C in approximately 90 minutes or less, dependent on product’s ability to give up heat.
Viscous products such as mashed potato will take approximately 2 hours for a 2kg bag.
The Tumble Chiller is equipped with a heat exchanger to separate the externally supplied cooling medium from the product chilling water. It is fully self-contained, piped and wired, and requires only the connection of the operating services.

• Adjustable feet for levelling and cleaning under machine
• Manufactured totally in 304 polished stainless steel
• Stainless steel plate heat exchanger
• Air system and pressure gauge, as standard
• Various batch sizes selectable
• Lift-off side panels for easy access and maintenance
• All electrical components mounted in a GRP enclosure
• Digital temperature readout
• Cleaning by hot water or steam injection (requires steam 100kg/hr @ 4 bar)
• Fully interlocked door, (diameter size 880mm)
• Simple controls for either cleaning or cooling operations
• The door is totally interlocked until the set parameters are achieved
• PLC controlled for simplicity and reliability
• All process valves are pneumatically operated
• Incorporates two (2) non-calibrated PT100 temperature probes
• In line filter to protect heat exchanger should bag burst
Note: The DCN Tumble Chiller has been designed to use a standard Cook Chill bag of between 95mu and 125mu thickness of approx. size 650/800mm (seal type dependant), filled to 5-6kg capacity. The suitability of any other bag type will need to be established through client trials and DCN cannot be held responsible for breakages, cooling performance etc., unless such trials have taken place. Please contact DCN for further information on potential bag and clip supply partners.

Chilled Water Recovery System
Automatic Back Flush System for Heat
ExchangerSuper Dynamic’ Temperation Loop
V-Type Twin Belt Skeleton Conveyor
Virtual Chart Recorder

Capacities, Dimensions (WxDxH) & Weights (approx)
TC-30 (300 Litres): 1400 x 1700 x 1900mm – 750kg
TC-50 (500 Litres): 1400 x 1890 x 2000mm – 950kg
TC-75 (750 Litres): 1550 x 1960 x 2175mm – 1200kg
TC-100 (1000 Litres): 1550 x 2255 x 2175mm – 1300kg

Services Requirements
• Electrical - 400/3/50
• Current - 6A per phase
• Compressed Air - 0.1 m³/hr @ 5 bar
• Mains Water - 100 ltrs/min @ 3 bar
• Steam (cleaning) - 100kg/hr @ 4 bar
• Glycol - 250 ltrs/min @ 1ºC

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