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SKU : BC-500/1000


The Patented DCN Belt Tumble Chiller has been designed for better efficiency and faster cooling (bag type and product dependent) and unloading times giving food producers savings on overall production times, costs and labour.
The Belt Tumble Chiller uses a flighted belt to massage the bags rather than a rotating drum as used in our standard Tumble Chiller. This method circulates the chilled water more efficiently around the bags, resulting in faster cooling times, especially of more viscous products.
As a secondary cooling aid, chilled water is also sprayed on top of the bags during the cycle.
When cooling is complete, the belt lifts the bags out of the water and deposits them directly into the customers tote bin. This revolutionary feature also removes the need for manual labour so prevents any RSI issues.
The unique self-unloading system takes a fraction of the time taken to manually unload traditional drum type chillers. A 500kg batch is typically unloaded in 60 seconds, reducing emptying time by approximately 25 minutes.
If used with the Model 400HS Pump Fill Station and Loading Device or with a conveyor the unit can also be automatically loaded, further saving on time and labour costs.
The same chilled water is used for multiple batches, removing the requirement of a surge tank for emptying and re-filling. The Belt Tumble Chiller is simply ready to be re-used as soon as a batch has been unloaded, giving a much faster turn-around, time and energy saving.
The bags can also be loaded from one side and unloaded from the other making it more convenient for in-line production.

  • Unique massaging and bag handling features
  • Automatic Self-unloading feature
  • In-line Jet heater for self-cleaning or re-heating bags before serving
  • Integral auto position chute (when used in conjunction with the Model 400HS)
  • Small efficient pump
  • Accommodates different batch sizes and delicate products
  • Chilled water spray
  • Self-contained heat exchanger and controls
  • Available in various sizes from 300kg to 1000kg (larger sizes by request)

  • Faster cooling times
  • Fast unloading times
  • Less water required per batch
  • Water re-used for multiple batches
  • Small footprint
  • Energy saving
  • Simple to maintain - no rotating shaft seals

Automatic Back Flush System for cleaning Heat Exchanger
The system will reverse the flow on the secondary side (product water) of the heat exchanger by automatically switching over valves and opening a flow into drain to wash out any debris. The system will work each time the machine runs in clean cycle for a pre-set time period.
Note: The Belt Chiller range has been tested for use with heat sealed or clipped Cook Chill bags of 114mu thickness and approx. size of 250mm x 650/800mm (seal type dependant), filled to a 5-6kg capacity. The suitability of any other bag type will need to be established through client trials and DCN cannot be held responsible for breakages, cooling performance etc unless such trials have taken place. Please contact DCN for further information on potential bag and clip supply partners.

Services Requirements

  • Electrical                    - 400/3/50 (or country specific)
  • Current                       - 10A
  • Compressed Air      - 0.1 m³/hr @ 5 bar
  • Mains Water             - 100 ltrs/min (500 litre) @ 3 bar
  • Steam (cleaning)    - 100kg/hr @ 4 bar
  • Glycol                          - 350 ltrs/min (500 litre) @ 1ºC

Dimensions (approx)

  • Width / Depth / Height: 1900mm x 1540mm x 1995mm – 500 Litre
  • Weight: 1278kg – 500 Litre

Technical Specifications

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