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Name of event : Toaster Promotion Venue: Somerville (Siam) Date : 10 September 2021

Name of event : Co-organizes with Rational Company Venue: Somerville Phuket Branch Date : Wednesday 29th, November 2017 Time : 13:30 am -16.00 pm.

Life is better with a clean house Our storage shelfs are strong and contain antimicrobial protection to continuously fight bacteria, mold and mildew growth! Perfect to use in your storage room or kitchen. 5-star Hotel Grade yet budget friendly. Price starts at 5,699 THB

Do we have any friends that like to bake? Our commercial-grade Flour Bin can be your perfect baking buddy. It’s good for storing large amounts of flour, sugar or any ingredients in your kitchen. 5-star hotel standard, budget friendly. Get yours today for only 3,200 THB.

Name of event : Hobart Promotion Venue: Somerville (Siam) Date : 1 October – 15 December 2020

Name of event : Duraments Promotion Venue: Somerville (Siam) @ Bangkok Date :  1 December 2020 – 28 February 2021

Happy New Year 2021 Somerville (Siam) @ Bangkok

Happy Chinese New Year 2021 Somerville (Siam) @ Bangkok

Warehouse Sales Somerville (Siam) @ Bangkok

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